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Meet Our Staff

As our client, you will have a team working for you to provide you with the best coverage for you, your family, or your business.  Building a long-lasting relationship with our clients is our number one priority.

Gary Busch

Edward "Gray" Busch

I started my insurance career as a claims adjuster, working on liability and property auto claims. But my exposure to the industry goes all the way back to my Dad’s agency. As a kid I did all kinds of project work for Argus Insurance. I stuffed envelopes, did agency filing, answered the phones when needed.

After graduating from Appalachian State University with a degree in Communication I spent time in an insurance call center before becoming a licensed claims adjuster.

Before going off to college I studied Culinary Arts and I have a background in the food industry. I love to work with restaurateurs and entertainment companies. What a great industry! I’ve spent a lot of time in the house and car insurance arena and am very comfortable discussing pricing and coverage issues.

Some of the things I believe;

Everyone deserves good insurance advice and service.

Buying local is really, really important.

Bocce is an under rated sport and should be played every week.

Hot wings should be hot.

You should be nice to service people.

Price isn’t always the most important thing. Quality is a big deal.

You’ve got to have fun at work.

Who Your Insurance Agent Is Doesn’t Matter… Until It Does

Steve Murdock

Steve is hearing the waves on the beach... Florida is calling him. So much so that he started retirement a little early.

2020 sees Steve happily retired. We hear he is walking with friends multiple times a week.

Rick Busch

Rick Busch


Amy Teague


With many years of customer service and sales experience Amy brings a friendly and professional vibe to our office. She’s also a gardener, graphic artist, painter and decorator.

Favorite food: Meat and cheese
Favorite movie: Forest Gump
Favorite color: Blue
Best vacation spot: Mountains
Favorite Band: Rolling Stones
Favorite Sport: Golf
Favorite quote: If you’re not first, your last.

Diane Scoville


Angela Watson


Angela’s background in bookkeeping and accounting coupled with her attention to detail create a great atmosphere for collaboration in our agency. She’s an outdoor person, loving all seasons of the year.

Favorite food: Fried Chicken
Favorite movie: Steel Magnolias
Favorite color: Purple
Best vacation spot: Mountains
Favorite Band: George Strait
Favorite Sport: UFC
Favorite quote: Your time is limited… so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.